September 24 - 26, 2021

More Than Just a Bike Ride!




Bikes, Bands, & Beer Pretty Much Sums Up Our USBR21 Ride! 

The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is a developing network of officially numbered interstate bicycle routes that connect America’s cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Georgia recently joined the USBRS by designating a system of roads and trails as US Bike Route 21. 

BRAG's US Bicycle Route 21 ride is a great intro to long distance cycling or a great tune-up for experienced riders. Even more so, there is great entertainment nightly with bands, local attractions in our overnight towns, and the BRAG Bar.  Each day we carry your luggage from town to town so you can focus on your riding. We also have plenty of rest stops each day so you can snack and get rehydrated along the way. Get a flat tire, medical issue, or bonk one day? No worries, we've got SAG (Support & Gear) that'll come pick you up.





  • Café Campesino Coffee OPEN

    5:30-8:30 AM  |  1:00-5:00 PM

  • On-Site Food AVAILABLE

    6:30-8:30 AM  |  Noon-8:30 PM Fri & Sat  |  11AM - 2PM Sunday

  • Aztec Cycle Tech Support

    7:30 - 9:00 AM  |  12:00-6:00 PM

  • First Timers' Meeting (by request)

    8:30 AM

  • HQ/Registration Desk OPEN

    7:30-9:00 AM  |  12:00-6:00 PM

  • Baggage Truck Deadline

    8:00 AM

  • Mass Start

    9:00 AM on Friday | 8:00 AM Sat & Sun 

  • Shower Truck Opens

    2PM Friday | 12PM Saturday | 10AM Sunday

  • Hotel & Local Shuttle Service

    Varies Daily See RIDE GUIDE

  • Massages

    by appointment with Eddie, LMT


    Varies Daily See RIDE GUIDE

  • Trivia & Live Entertainment

    Varies Daily See RIDE GUIDE

Times are subject to change and will be different on Saturdays. Please consult the RIDE GUIDE.



On Bicycle Route 21, we offer shuttles to carry you, your luggage, and your noble two wheeled steed. You may choose to either take a shuttle from the ending location to the starting location at the beginning of the ride (so your vehicle is available to you when you finish the ride), OR you may take a shuttle at the end of the ride to return to your vehicle in Chattanooga. You may add a shuttle to your registration when you register online.

Shuttles are $80 per person and two times are available:

Pre-ride: Friday, September 24: 6:00am Shuttle Atlanta to Chattanooga

Post-ride: Sunday, September 26: 2:00pm Shuttle Atlanta to Chattanooga

FRIDAY 9/24 shuttle leaves Wild Horse Creek Park (Lower Fields) at 6am and will arrive at Tennessee Riverpark in time to prepare for the 9am Mass Start. We will carry you, your bike and 2 bags. Please arrive early enough to load your bike and luggage.

SUNDAY 9/26 shuttle leaves Wild Horse Creek Park by 2pm and will travel to Tennesssee Riverpark. We will carry you, your bike and 2 bags.

Free Parking is available for the entire weekend at either location.

There is no camping available on Sunday.

Long-term parking at Wild Horse State Park (Lower Fields) is included with the purchase of a shuttle ticket. You may also park longterm at Tennessee River Park in Chattanooga.

Don't feel like roughing it all week? Bring along your RV! We will have designated RV Parking at each overnight location for a nominal fee.

Please register your RV at the registration desk when you check-in for Big BRAG.  No hook-ups will be available and loud generators are prohibited after 10pm. 

Coming in from out-of-state?

You can use BikeFlights to ship your bicycle to Aztec Cycles for USBR21

901 Main Street,

Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Call Aztec to set it up 678-636-9043

Contact Aztec Cycles at least 2 weeks in advance to reserve a bicycle rental.




There are 4 ways to find your way while riding BRAG: 



The BRAG Ride Guide is the answer to most of your questions! Route maps and turn-by-turn cue sheets are available for each day in the Ride Guide. Take it with you on your bike!  



There will be BRAG arrows at every turn to tell you which way to turn. If there is no arrow it, means go straight. Please exercise caution here (and look for ROAD MARKINGS) as sometimes people like to collect our signs.



We have marked routes for BRAG riders. You will find BRAG's trademark circle with a hash mark in the direction of travel before, at, and after each turn. This will assure your decisions along the way! Roads are not marked in downtown areas or in areas where it is prohibited (like on bike trails).



All BRAG Routes are available for free on Ride With GPS. Download the smart phone app and load the respective day routes. Use it. Love it.


Rest Stops!

BRAG rest stops are located every 15-20 miles on the routes each day. Rest stops are indicated on the route maps in the RIDE GUIDE.  Stops are stocked with hydration, nutritious snacks, first-aid kits, and porta-potties.

Be on the lookout for a fun stop along the way!


Support and Gear (SAG)

Along the route there will be SAG support vehicles. They can be identified by the yellow BRAG flags they will be flying from the windows. Use SAG if you need mechanical help, have a non-emergency medical issue, or you cannot complete your ride for the day

To stop a SAG vehicle, simply tap your palm on the top of your helmet. If you are waiting for a SAG vehicle, please place your bike upside down perpendicular to the road.

The phone number for SAG is 404.382.7747 (also on y our wrist band) for immediate assistance. Call 911 in the case of an emergency.


On-Site Bike Mechanics

Aztec Cycles will be on hand each day to keep your bicycle finely tuned! 


IMG_3428 copy copy

BRAG events take place on public right of ways. We ask motor vehicles to share the road, so we must extend the same courtesy. As much as possible we travel on low traffic roads, however we will need to travel on roads with higher traffic volume from time to time. Please review the BRAG Safety Pledge you were required to sign to participate in this BRAG event. Please consult the rider handbook provided by Georgia Bikes for more safety information.

YOU MUST STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS AND RED LIGHTS!! Obey all traffic control devices and exercise caution crossing rail road tracks and road crossings!

  • You are responsible for your own safety - BRAG assists as much as possible in ensuring a safe ride, however you are in control of your ride and safety. Please read carefully the cue sheets and take note of hazards outlined. Also be on the look out for BRAG signs on the roadway warning of hazards. Hazards are always being created and note we can not warn participants of every potential or existing hazard. Cycling can be a dangerous sport - take safety seriously!
  • You must obey all traffic laws and traffic control devices.
  • Wear a helmet and ensure your gear is properly functioning.
  • Communicate with other cyclists to keep each other safe - please yell, when appropriate, "car back", "car up", "rider on", "rider off", etc. Communicate about hazards such as RR tracks, pot holes, rumbles, debris in the road, cracks, animals, etc. Do not yell "CLEAR" as what is clear for you may not be for others.
  • Visibility - See and be seen, wear bright clothes, reflective clothing and use lights.
  • Bicycle lanes and shoulders - please use them when possible and safe to do so.
  • Report dangerous motorists and cyclists.
  • In the event of rain, the road and road tires can be slick and brakes can slip. Normal conditions may become more hazardous, especially rail road tracks.
  • In the event of lightning, take appropriate action and exercise caution.

This is a ride, not a race. We encourage you to stop and smell the roses and get a true taste for the vibrant fiber and culture of Georgia.





After each day's ride, grab your bags from the luggage truck and set up your tent in the ideal space! Please refer to the RIDE GUIDE and location signage for designated camping areas. All you need to do is grab your bag, set up your tent, and campout with us! Hot showers are available, plus we have food trucks, the BRAG bar, and live entertainment every evening.



Each morning, please place your bags in the baggage truck. We will take your bags to the next town and get them as close as possible to the camping area.



Cool down after every ride (and have an easier time making new friends) with a nice shower! Hot showers will be available for you each day at the outdoor shower truck!



When nature calls, Porta-Potties are there, conveniently located in designated areas in camp and at each rest stop! 

Non-riding guests are welcome to join us for all the BRAG fun! Just sign-up on the same registration page. The fee includes camping, restrooms, showers, and entertainment.   




We will announce 2019 Bands closer to the ride date. Below are some past USBR21 acts!

Mango Season

Halfseas Over

Sweet Auburn String Band


The great Georgia towns and cities in which we stop have amazing local restaurants. BRAG encourages you to sample the wide variety of Georgia tastes.

You may purchase food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from any of the on-site vendors. As always, Cafe Campesino will be on hand with their famous BRAG roast coffee! 



Stop by the BRAG Bar to grab your favorite post-ride beverage! Open daily. Operating times vary day-to-day. Please refer to the RIDE GUIDE. 

Stack of  Smart Phone Charging with Cable on the Wooden Table.

Charge up your phone, tablet, bike computer, or portable power supply!

For your convenience, we have set up a charging station at BRAG HQ, under the big red tent!
Physical therapist doing massage of male's shoulder

On-Site Massage

Eddie will be on-hand each day (except Sunday), 11am until 8pm. Cash or check only. Sign-up on-site.
Typical rates:
30 MIN: $40.00
45 MIN: $60.00
60 MIN: $80.00

Say, "CHEESE"!

Professional photographers will be on the course to catch you in action and glory! You will be able to view your shots on-site and purchase prints at the the PHOTO tent.


For up-to-date registration prices, please see the registration page.

On Bicycle Route 21, we camp outdoors. All camping is included in the fee. Camping is available Friday night and Saturday night, not Thursday or Sunday. Hotels are available, they are not included in the fee.

We have prepared a packing list for you prepared by veteran BRAG riders. 

The fee entitles you to maps, entrance to campsites (tent camping or gym camping), nightly entertainment/live bands, hot showers, extra porta-potties at overnight sites, rest stops every 15 - 20 miles (with hydration, nutrition, porta-potties), SAG wagon support, baggage transportation to the overnight campsites, access to medical team, security team.

On US Bicycle Route 21 we move every day. We also carry your bags from location to location so you don't need to worry about hauling your gear on your bike.

Absolutely not! While a road bike certainly makes things a little easier, people have completed ride on every type of bike you could think of, from mountain bikes, to recumbents,  to unicycles. 

The best thing about BRAG is the community of riders. Many come alone and leave with riding buddies for life. You will never ride alone on BRAG. There will always be someone riding at or near your pace. If you are the least bit outgoing, you will meet lots of new friends on BRAG - on the road, at the rest stops and in the shower line, listening to bands, etc.

The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia is a ride, not a race.  However, good training is important to ensuring you have an enjoyable experience.  Plan on riding several hundred training miles as you get ready for the week.  The route will always present physical challenges, so the more you put into training the more you will get out of the ride. The daily mileage ranges from 50 to 70 miles per day.  Terrain can vary from flat to steep hills. A major cause of injuries is poor conditioning.  There are also SAG wagons that can assist if you have serious trouble. 

You may arrive at the Tennessee Riverpark in Chattanooga on Friday morning, ahead of the 9am Mass Start.

Drop us a line on our contact form or ask the BRAG community on Facebook. 

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