The Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable, family-oriented bicycle tours in and across the state of Georgia. BRAG’s rides are just that -- rides, not races -- for young and old, beginners and experts, and everyone in between. On BRAG, cyclists discover Georgia on two wheels, proving a unique perspective on the state’s diverse landscape and small towns. As a fun fitness adventure, our riders also discover themselves in a new way. Just ask anyone holding one of BRAG’s coveted Century Ride bandannas what it’s like to ride 100 miles in a single day.

BRAG’s main event is the week-long summer ride, Big BRAG, which covers about 60 miles a day. Cyclists spend 7 days pedaling across Georgia on a different back-roads route each year. Additionally, BRAG hosts 2 smaller weekend events and a winter getaway. Aside from the epic cycle routes, BRAG is also popular for showcasing the best of Georgia (food, beverages, and sites) and our great post-ride entertainment and activities. There’s nothing like toasting to the day’s long ride at the BRAG after-ride parties each afternoon. The BRAG spirit keeps many riders coming back year after year to make BRAG a favorite vacation.

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Dot Moss received inspiration for the tour from Iowa’s RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). Georgia’s event started out as the Great GASBE (Georgia’s Annual State Bicycling Event). The first ride began in Savannah and ended in Columbus. From Savannah, the group traveled to Metter and received red carpet treatment.

Dublin, Perry and Thomaston were the next stops. In Thomaston, a tradition began of camping on football fields. Of the 120 riders who left Savannah, 60 weary and saddle-sore cyclists arrived in Columbus completing 300 miles of the first GASBE.

Jerry Colley picked up the reins in the late 80's and grew the organization to over 3,000 riders. For the next 41 years, BRAG consistently guided cyclists across the state of Georgia. BRAG continues to foster community with new routes each summer and a variety of fun events throughout the year.

Dot Moss’ map and route description for the first across Georgia bicycle event in 1980.


Dream Team Vision

To provide extraordinary cycling experiences for youth to dream beyond their circumstances and grow greater by the mile.

The BRAG Dream Team is a program focused on providing growth and learning experiences for youth through mentorship and cycling. The Dream Team provides mentorship to its program participants throughout the year. With the help and guidance of the coaches, program participants ride in all BRAG rides, broadening their horizons and providing a myriad of learning experiences they might not otherwise have a chance to experience. 

Dream Team Photo

The BRAG Dream Team was created in 1994 as a partnership between BRAG and Atlanta Public Schools (APS) to provide middle school students the opportunity to train as a team and complete the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia summer ride. Adult mentors serve as coaches.

Thanks to sponsors and individual donors, the BRAG Dream Team’s cycling equipment, food, and transportation costs are covered. The students, who might otherwise not ever consider cycling, are given bikes, helmets and other accessories needed to ride safely and confidently. Since 1994, more than 200 middle school students have completed BRAG as Dream Team members.

Over the past two decades, the BRAG Dream Team has evolved from a program of BRAG to an independent nonprofit organization that operates year-round with cycling clubs targeted at middle school and high school aged youth. Currently, there are Dream Team Cycling Clubs in Atlanta, Madison (Boys & Girls Club), Milledgeville (Baldwin Club) and coastal Georgia (Geechee Kunda Club). Dream Team is currently providing more than 100 youth the opportunity to experience long-distance cycling adventures each month.

In its first two decades the BRAG Dream Team grew from its origin as an annual BRAG bike ride program for Atlanta middle school students to a year-round cycling organization that serves middle and high school age youth who cannot afford to participate in long distance road bike events.

Dream Team Head Coach & Coordinator - Atiba Mbiwan - atiba@mindspring.com

The BRAG Dream Team is a 501(c)(3) organization thus contributions are tax deductible.  To make contributions to the BRAG Dream Team please send checks payable to “BRAG Dream Team” to: 684 United Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312. To make in-kind contributions (e.g. donate bikes, equipment, etc) please contact Coach Atiba to make arrangements.