Whether it's been a minute since you've been on a bike or you're just looking to increase your endurance to get ready for BRAG, this program is designed to help you reach your goals. Stick to this guide over the course of the next few months for detailed training plans, expert advice, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you become a stronger and more confident cyclist. Grab your helmet and let's get started on your journey to get ready for a whole week on BRAG!

Each Sunday from February 12 til the start of BRAG, you will receive emails with day-to-day activities for the week ahead to help you get ready to successfully ride from Clayton to Augusta!

Get in Shape for a Great Adventure!

Breakout from hibernating in your living room to have a real adventure this summer... and be fit enough to enjoy the miles! 

This Virtual Training Program is FREE!

We want you to be ready to BRAG hard this summer!

Top Notch Coaching!

RoFA Endurance is very excited about the opportunity to help the athletes of BRAG!

RoFA coaches specialize in helping cyclists of all levels reach the finish line feeling confident and prepared for their personal challenge. In the months ahead, we look forward to giving you knowledge and training you for the rolling hills and mountains you will tackle throughout the beautiful state of GA! We will also help you prepare for the right nutrition and training so you will want to keep riding your bike for the years to come!

For One-on-One Coaching
Contact Robin Farina
Owner/Head Coach
RoFA Endurance

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