Northside 101 – What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death of men and women in this country. According to the CDC, one person dies every 34 seconds from cardiovascular disease. One in every five deaths in this country is due to cardiovascular disease. In addition, more than 20 million adults are living with cardiovascular disease in the U.S.

The cardiovascular system is a complex system made of the heart and blood vessels that run throughout our body. The heart is a very complex structure made up of chambers, valves, as well as an electrical system that come together to form a pump that then pumps blood through blood vessels all throughout our body. Cardiovascular disease is anything that can damage this complex system.

In this episode, Northside Hospital Heart Institute’s Dr. Faresa Weragoda explains how to detect cardiovascular disease and lifestyle habits to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Northside Hospital 101 is a series of interviews with Northside Hospital’s expert physicians to break down complex medical terms and procedures.

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