Join BRAG's Big Trip to IOWA
50 Years of RAGBRAI in 2023

Join TEAM BRAG on our Big Trip to IOWA in 2023!

50th Anniversary - Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa

JULY 21 - 30, 2023 | $1100/RIDER

BRAG is making a big spash in Iowa as RAGBRAI turns 50 in 2023. We're taking the largest group we've taken yet and you can be part of it all!

BRAG plans to take dozens of cyclists to Iowa in 2023 to celebrate. You'll travel in luxury aboard a plush, AC'd coach bus. All sleeping accommodations will be arranged and set up by BRAG. Your bags are handled with care. Coffee? Beer? We've got you covered there too!

RAGBRAI is a 7-day party on 2 wheels that takes you across the state of Iowa. Much like BRAG, the ride stops in a different town each day. It's an amazing experience you'll simultaneously share with 30,000 other cyclists... but can be a logistical headache.

That's why BRAG is taking care of all your plans! We'll take you from Georgia all the way to Iowa to participate in RAGBRAI without any worries or too much planning on your part.

BRAG does all the heavy lifting and figuring-out-of-things. The party can start as soon you hop on the BRAG Bus in Atlanta. We take care of the logistics so that you can focus on riding bikes and having a blast with the sea of other cyclists.

Departing from Atlanta Friday, July 21, arriving Saturday, July 22. First day of riding Sunday, July 23. Departing for Atlanta on July 29, and arriving in Atlanta on Sunday, July 30.


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What is included in the cost?

A Ride to Iowa (and Back!)

Once you're on the bus, just relax, chat with buddies, grab a cold drink, or catch a few ZZZ's... We are doing all the driving!

The Bus picks up you, your bike, and your bags at the Acworth Park & Ride and drives you to Iowa. After 7 days of cycling across Iowa, we'll drive you back to Atlanta.

Whether flying or driving, gas is spendy right now and this is a deal! Other services cost about $160 each way from the closest airport.


Comfy Accommodations

Tents and air mattresses are provided for your comfort. We'll pack & set up your tent, plus carry your bags to the next town while riding your bike.


Bag Portage

You place your bags on the bus each morning, and you'll find them in your tent the following afternoon. No searching for bags for hours like with other charters.



Start each day off right with freshly brewed hot coffee provided by BRAG. After your ride, enjoy frosty drinks & snacks!


Free Skip Day Shuttle

Free skip-over rides on the BRAG Bus to the next town if you don't feel like riding that day. Skip-over days typically run $25 - $50 with other RAGBRAI services.


TEAM BRAG Iowa Jerseys

Represent TEAM BRAG proudly with your complimentary bike Primal brand jersey (not an official RAGBRAI jersey)



We're bringing a gaggle of bike riders with us, so you'll have some instant friends to ride with on your way across Iowa!


You Should Bring...

It's up to you to pack clothing, shoes, toiletries, sunscreen, bike stuff you may need, and your favorite blankie. There are many many fun and tasty vendors along RAGBRAI routes, so plan on purchasing any food, drinks, or merchandise you may want/need along the way. There are plenty of great blog articles out there on how much money you should budget if you need guidance.


RAGBRAI registration is NOT included! Their system prevents us from registering for you. You must register for each day you plan to ride at or onsite once you get there. Showers, Meals, Bike parts, tubes, or tires are also not included.


Be Ready to Have Fun!


BRAG Does Iowa is first come, first serve. Registration for the BRAG experience is $1,100 for the week. This cost does not include your RAGBRAI registration.

Don't have a RAGBRAI Registration? No worries, you can buy daily bands when you get to Iowa or register ahead.


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