Join BRAG's Big Trip to IOWA


Join TEAM BRAG on our Big Trip to IOWA in 2023!

50th Anniversary - Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa

July 22-29, 2023

BRAG is making a big spash in Iowa as RAGBRAI turns 50 in 2023. We're taking the largest group we've taken yet and you can be part of it all!

BRAG plans to take dozens of cyclists to Iowa in 2023 to celebrate. All sleeping accommodations will be arranged and set up by BRAG. Your bags are handled with care. Coffee? Beer? We've got you covered there too!

RAGBRAI is a 7-day party on 2 wheels that takes you across the state of Iowa. Much like BRAG, the ride stops in a different town each day. It's an amazing experience you'll simultaneously share with over 30,000 other cyclists... but can be a logistical headache.

That's why BRAG is taking care of all your plans! We'll take you from Georgia all the way to Iowa to participate in RAGBRAI without any worries or too much planning on your part.

BRAG does all the heavy lifting and figuring-out-of-things. The party can start as soon you hop on the BRAG Bus in Atlanta. We take care of the logistics so that you can focus on riding bikes and having a blast with the sea of other cyclists.





No Additional Cost

Want to camp out with TEAM BRAG, but you'd rather make plans to get to the start on your own?

That's great! Click the BOOK NOW button below to register for BRAG's Iowa Charter Service ($1,000 for tent & luggage portage fee).


$1,000 Flight + Shuttle

FLIGHT: You will be provided flight info ahead of time. Everyone will be on the same flight. Flights will depart Atlanta at 10:00am on Saturday July 22 to Omaha Nebraska.

AIRPORT SHUTTLE: From Omaha you'll board a shuttle to the start town. There you'll meet up with the rest of the BRAG crew and sleep overnight for a first day of riding on Sunday.

On the last day of the ride you'll need to start riding early enough to make it to the end town by Noon. There you'll shower, load your bike on the BRAG bus bound for Atlanta or on the shuttle bus bound for the airport if you are checking your bike.

The shuttle bus will depart the end town at 1:00 PM for the Quad Cities Airport (MLI) and the flight will depart at 5:00 PM.

You are responsible for making your flights on time, the shuttle busses and to the end town in enough time to catch the bus.

You are more than welcome to check your bike. There is an additional fee of $50 on Delta to do so which may be paid directly to the airline.

You can also get us your bike in Atlanta beforehand. We will put it on the bus and have it waiting for you in Iowa for no extra cost.


$300 to Party on the BRAG Bus!
PARKING: Meet at the Acworth Park and ride (6045 Lake Acworth Dr, Acworth, GA 30101) on Friday July 21. I have spoken with CCT and they are ok with us parking there for the week. Please be advised it is park at your own risk. There will be no security. Please do not leave valuables in sight. Please lock your vehicle.
Please arrive a minimum of 45 minutes prior to departure. We will need time to load bikes and luggage. It is a long journey and we would be wise to stay on schedule. 
THE DRIVE: The drive is long, like it or not. You know it. I know it. It’s part of the Journey!
Our driving schedule includes scheduled stops. Every stop will be at a Loves Travel Stop or a Pilot Travel Center where there will be a food option as well as many common items you may need if you forgot something.
We will stop along the way for 25 minutes each time to refuel, use the restrooms, and grab a bite to eat if needed. We will have a cooler with beverages on board for the journey.  The bus is equipped with comfortable seats and outlets so you can charge your devices along the way.
Departing from Atlanta Friday, July 21, arriving Saturday, July 22. First day of riding Sunday, July 23. Departing for Atlanta on July 29, and arriving in Atlanta on Sunday, July 30.


Tent Service

$1,000 for the week of RAGBRAI
Each person will get their own tent. We'll set up and break down your tent for you each day, so you don't have to! We'll also put your bags and air mattress in your tent each day. Your tent will be the same tent for the week. You will also be provided with an air mattress that will be yours for the week. 
What's Included with your tent:
  • tent service, setup break down each day
  • air mattress service, 
  • baggage service, 
  • Hangout area with chairs and fans
  • Charging area for devices
  • drinks and fun beverages at our campsite each afternoon, 
  • coffee in the mornings, 
  • free skip over days if you don't feel like riding that day.


Each morning please pack all of your things, and place your bag in the back of the BUS. Also please do not pull the plug to your air mattress.

If you do not feel like riding on any particular day you are more than welcome to ride the bus to the next town with us for free. Just let us know in the morning or the following night and we’ll get your bike loaded and you on the bus.


What else is included in the cost?

Bag Portage

You place your bags on the bus each morning, and you'll find them in your tent the following afternoon. No searching for bags for hours like with other charters.



Start each day off right with freshly brewed hot coffee provided by BRAG. After your ride, enjoy frosty beverages & snacks!


Free Skip Day Shuttle

Free skip-over rides on the BRAG Bus to the next town if you don't feel like riding that day. Skip-over days typically run $25 - $50 with other RAGBRAI services.



We're bringing a gaggle of bike riders with us, so you'll have some instant friends to ride with on your way across Iowa!


Device Charging

BRAG provides a generator with a charging station so that you may charge your phones, bike computers, toaster, etc.



You Should Still Bring...

It's up to you to pack clothing, shoes, toiletries, sunscreen, bike stuff you may need, and your favorite blankie. There are many many fun and tasty vendors along RAGBRAI routes, so plan on purchasing any food, drinks, or merchandise you may want/need along the way. There are plenty of great blog articles out there on how much money you should budget if you need guidance.

You may bring 2 bags weighing up to 40 lbs each and 1 Bike.

Remember we are supplying the tents (or Snooze Box), air mattresses, and camping chairs so this should considerably lighten your load. Here you can find suggestions on what to pack for your personal items.


What You Should Know About Showers & Porta-Potties
We are a small group in the RAGBRAI universe and cannot travel with either showers or port-a-potties. We do our best to park close to both. Please be aware that you may have a walk a bit for both.



The first day when we arrive, please bear with us as we will need to set up everyone's tents and get organized. During that time you may check out the expo and get acquainted with RAGBRAI and the Iowa summer heat!

Once we all get settled there are a plethora of entertainment options that evening. The following morning is the first day of riding.



Please be packed up and ready to go no later than 7:15 AM. This will allow us enough time to pack up and get to the next town and set up. We need ample time to get to the next town before the rush and get a premium spot, hopefully, one in the shade!

Each day we will camp at the general RAGBRAI campgrounds, parks, or a cool spot where we fit in. We will try to get near access to shower facilities (typically there is a fee), port-a-lets, and mechanical service (usually at the daily expo).

RAGBRAI should release a map of each town prior to the ride. I will text out our exact location each day, and drop a pin so that you may find us.

You can always call or text us if need be at 678.548.1938.

Each day we must find a suitable location, so please check your phone for our location. Sometimes service is spotty so it may take a minute to find us.


RAGBRAI registration is NOT included!

Their system prevents us from registering for you. You must register for each day you plan to ride at or onsite once you get there. Showers, Meals, Bike parts, tubes, or tires are also not included.



You will be responsible for your food, showers, mechanical needs, SAG through RAGBRAI, route finding etc. RAGBRAI is an adventure and finding your way is part of the journey!


Be Ready to Have Fun!



BRAG Does Iowa is first come, first serve. This cost does not include your RAGBRAI registration.

Don't have a RAGBRAI Registration? No worries, you can register on the RAGBRAI website or buy daily bands when you get to Iowa.