DAY 0 | Lookout Mountain | June 5, 2021

Preview of the 2021 Big BRAG Day 0 arrival day! Get your packet, get settled, check out Lookout Mountain, listen to bands and get ready to ride. Lookout Mountain has everything from hang-gliding to hiking, See Rock City to Ruby Falls, National Parks to scenic overlooks. Enjoy the day and prepare to BRAG!

Most people know Lookout Mountain as the home of See Rock City, the historic rock formations and gardens open to the public year 'round. Take in the views at Lover's Leap. Explore the Lulu Lake Land Trust. There is always something to do at Rock City.

DAY 1 | June 6, 2021

Lookout Mnt to LaFayette

Preview of the 2021 Big BRAG Day 1 route & ride. It's the first day of riding and riders will be traveling from Lookout Mountain to LaFayette. The ride is a beautiful 56 miles and just over 3,000 feet of elevation. Highlights include riding along the Lookout Mountain Parkway, the descent down the backside of Lookout Mountain on 136, and the gorgeous and scenic Cove.

DAY 2 | Monday, June 7, 2021

LaFayette to Cave Spring

Preview of the 2021 Big BRAG Day 2 route & ride. Its the fastest day of riding and that will be welcomed on one of the longer days. The ride is a beautiful and flat-ish 62 miles and just over 2,600 feet of elevation (clocked at 2,400). Highlights include a race track elevation chart, valley chasing, and one of the coolest overnight camp spots.

Cave Spring, just 15 miles southwest of Rome, has a picturesque square and a mix of specialty shops, restaurants, and charming bed and breakfast inns. An abundance of antiques, nestled within sight of a 29-acre tree-shaded park, await exploration and discovery.

The namesake limestone cave is the signature attraction of this Southern village. Cave Spring offers a wonderful getaway and a step back in time with its rich history, architecture and gentle beauty.

DAY 3 | Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Cave Spring to Carrollton

Preview of the 2021 Big BRAG Day 3 route & ride. Today we get to go through some neat small towns and really get a feel for some of the vibrancy of rural Georgia. We clocked in 57.3 Miles and almost 2,500 feet of elevation.

It certainly feels like most of that elevation comes in the form of Cobb Mountain! Not really a mountain but a climb worth of mental preparation. Outside of the hill that will make you say #WhatTheHill! It's all very mild rolling hills until we get to the almost pancake flat Carrollton Green Belt.

DAY 4 | Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Layover in Carrollton

Preview of Day 4 on Big BRAG.

Many people's favorite day, Layover Day! Today you should really ride the full Greenbelt. It's a good 17-mile recovery starting and ending at Carrollton City Schools.

After that Carrollton is your oyster. You can check out Banning Mills for the world's longest zip line (Guinness Book of World Records Verified), eat at one of the 22 downtown restaurants, check out the concerts at the Amp, or head to Printers Ale brewery for a cold one.

DAY 5 | Thursday, June 10, 2021

Carrollton to Senoia

Preview of Day 5 on Big BRAG.

Coming off the layover day, we have a wonderful day traveling through many soon to be memories.

Clocking in at only 65 miles, there are a lot of historic and scenic small towns we pedal through today. Namely, Franklin, where we'll have a beautiful rest stop right on the Chattahoochee River.

After the break on the hooch, it's a quick stroll into Moreland and then into the "Cutest Small Town," Senoia.

DAY 6 | Friday, June 11, 2021

Senoia to LaGrange

Preview of Day 6 on Big BRAG.

The fastest, shortest, and flattest day of the ride. Woo Hoo!

Also, we're ending in LaGrange, where there are two excellent breweries. Cheers!

Multiple indoor camping options at LaGrange High School with the largest outdoor campus we'll be on. Options are aplenty in LaGrange. Plus they have their own path that connects the community called the Thread.

We're pretty excited to string together a short day, breweries, and a beautiful town!

DAY 7 | Saturday, June 12, 2021

Senoia to LaGrange

Preview of Day 7, the last day on Big BRAG.

It's the End of the Road... After completing today, you'll have completed nearly 400 miles across the state of Georgia!

What a great last day it is. Beautiful rural roads leaving LaGrange onto some truly deserted roads. To top it all off we finish with a few miles on the newly completed River Walk. Ending right downtown is a real treat as it a very picturesque and close to so many activities in Columbus.

Thanks for joining us on 2021 Big BRAG!