An Easy Holiday Gift Guide for the Cyclists in Your Life

Buying holiday gifts for the bicycle-riding people in your life can be pretty tricky because it seems so simple… You know they like bikes. Should be easy, right?

But not so fast…

It’s easy to get it so so wrong and things for bicycles are expensive! Also, downright confusing. You need to know what kind of bike(s) your loved one owns… and if they are a SRAM or a Shimano person… and their European shoe size… and even maybe their stance on electronic shifting.

Every cyclist has highly nuanced personal preferences. That’s why bike-centric holiday gift-giving can quickly become a nightmare for well-meaning gift-givers.

This gift guide is designed to make the holidays a little bit easier for you and more joyful for the cyclists in your life.

Off-the-Bike Apparel & Accessories

If there’s one thing every cyclist wants it’s to let everyone know that they ride bicycles, especially when they aren’t with their bike.

This can be done via attention-grabbing dress socks, a tasteful tie, or a punny t-shirt.

Stuff to Keep Bikes Shiney and Functioning

A well-maintained bike will make your cyclist a very happy camper.

Muc-Off makes some of the best bike wash & lubricant products on the market, leaving a shine that can’t be beaten.

A solid bicycle repair stand makes washing and bike maintenance much easier. Park Tools are the gold standard in bike tools if you’re going that route.

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No matter what their level of mechanical aptitude is these gifts are sure to put a smile on your bike rider!

Bike Socks

Honestly, one can never have too many bike socks. Socks are the ultimate form of self-expression while cycling. They provide comfort, pique curiosity, and start conversations while out on a ride. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of cycling socks.

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Somewhere to Show Off Their Favorite Bike (and Ride it too!)

While riding a bicycle for hours on end with buddies on local roads costs mostly nothing (gas station snacks and brewery tabs aside), it really limits the number of people who will appreciate and admire all the resources your cyclist has put into their bike and kit styling.

This is why every other weekend is spent participating in charity rides.

Give your cyclist the chance to show off their bike, make new bike friends, ride new roads, and have a safe & exciting cycling adventure.

May we humbly suggest two of our favorite events to gift to your bike riding loved one…

Bonus Bike Gift

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