Spring TuneUp Packing List

Wondering what you should pack for BRAG’s Spring TuneUp? We’ve compiled a (not exhaustive) list to get you started!

The Spring TuneUp packing list is a little different from the Big BRAG list for one reason… we camp in the the same spot every night! You can pretty much bring whatever you can fin in your car, provided it’s safe to use around a large amount of people, doesn’t need a constant power source, won’t keep others awake at night, and it can take care of itself while you are out riding each day.

bicycle (of course!)
helmet (mandatory)
bike lock & cable
handlebar/seat bag
frame-mounted pump
spare tube/patch kit
tire tool, allen wrenches
large water bottles
rearview mirror
bicycle tag (preregistered)
wrist band (preregistered)

cycling shorts
cycling jerseys
cycling gloves
cycling shoes
walking shorts
walking shoes
underwear, socks
rain gear
bandannas, hat, visor

towels, wash cloth
brush, comb, mirror
lip balm, nail clippers
medication, fan
soap, shampoo
lotion, chamois cream
toothbrush/paste, floss
deodorant, razor
toilet paper
shower bag

Sleeping Items
air mattress/sleeping pad/cot
lightweight sleeping bag
sheets, pillow
ear plugs
tent, ground cloth if camping
rechargeable inflator
eye mask

medical insurance card
insect repellent
flashlight, fan
cell phone, computer

camp chairs
first aid kit
cash/credit cards/checks
patience, sense of humor!

 Optional Items 

plastic seat cover, warm-up suit, flip-flops/shower shoes, plastic tape, screwdriver, hand cleaner, rags, personal snacks, bicycle serial number, notebook, pencil, Map, spare glasses, fanny pack, reading material, emergency information, poncho, American flag! 

Food & Drinks

A variety of food and a beverages will be for sale at Spring TuneUp. Please be aware that per our license, we cannot permit outside alcoholic beverages in the concert area where the BRAG Bar is operating.

Charging Station

A charging station will be available to all to recharge portable devices.

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