1. I will ride single file when a car or truck is behind me.
  2. I will never ride more than two abreast, in accordance with Georgia law.  I will not be a road hog.  I will yield to riders trying to pass me.
  3. I will ride as far to the right as practicable, except when making a left turn or when going straight at a right-turn only lane.
  4. I will call out “car back” or “car up” to riders in front of me.
  5. I will call out my intentions to riders immediately behind me:  “Slowing,” “Stopping,” or “Turning.”  I will use traffic hand signals when appropriate.
  6. I will point to road hazards and/or call out to riders behind me:  “Gravel,” “Hole,” “Tracks.”
  7. I will call out to riders I am about to pass:  “On Your Left,” or “Good Morning.”  I will never pass on the right.
  8. I will wear my helmet at all times while on my bike.
  9. I will obey all traffic signs and signals.  I will not call out “Clear” at stop signs or red lights.
  10. I will always ride defensively.  I will always be aware of other riders, vehicles and pedestrians     near me.  I will never assume I know what they are going to do.
  11. I will use common sense and courtesy toward motorists and other cyclists while I am on my bike.
  12. I will provide immediate adult supervision to my bicycling children under age 16.
  13. I will not ride before daylight or after dusk unless I have proper lights on my bike, in accordance with Georgia law.
  14. If I stop for any reason, I will get completely off the road.
  15. I will not wear headphones while riding my bike.
  16. I understand I will be ejected from the ride if I repeatedly and/or flagrantly violate this Safety Pledge.
  17. I will obey this SAFETY PLEDGE.  If I am riding with minor children (under age 18), I will read it with them, and they will obey it.
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